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Tranceria Dimonte’s

Quality and experience go together.


Experience and Made in Italy

Tranceria Dimonte’s is a business reality located in the region of Apulia and has been dealing for years with the production of shoe components, by following and respecting the artisan principles of the authentic Made in Italy. 


We give our production an identity, which is conveyed through the quality of our work and given by a workforce’s experience that reflects our principles, enhancing more and more our service.


Artisan quality means taking care of the work process, analysing each leather sheet in all details, optimizing the cutting process by maximizing the utilization of the materials in order to reduce waste, touching the product after the cut to verify its quality.


The production process is managed by an expert, an artisan with years of experience behind him who takes care of the product quality and embraces our ethics and working morals.

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We make a difference.

It’s not the machines that make a difference, it’s unity and collaboration during the production stage, which makes the production process linear and efficient. 

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