Quality, speed, savings ethics and environmental awareness.

Whether it’s a sneaker, a moccasin or a simple pair of slippers, the approach to work is the same. Quality, speed, savings ethics and environmental awareness, these are all the features that represent us..

Everyone would like to have a long-lasting, well-made pair of sneakers with minimal wear and tear over time. It’s not impossible.

lavorazione di qualità

Quality control

What is required is a quality production, materials control with flaws removal, accurate execution of the upper shoe cutting, without causing irregularities in the shape, accurate and neat packaging in order not to create wrinkles and creases which would damage the piece.

controllo dei materiali


All this attention in the production process doesn’t affect the speed. Thanks to the production manager, the production stage is preceded by control of materials and cutting dies to ensure that the production follows the right timing.

taglio tomaie

Savings ethics and environmental awareness

At the same time, it must not be forgotten the importance of saving and special attention to the environment is required. Once the parts having flaws have been signalled, the utilization of materials is maximized, reducing as much as possible waste materials in order to guarantee for the client substantial materials saving and in parallel a lower impact on the environment.


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