Made in Italy takes shape.

Identity, artisan quality, specialized manpower, all factors which reflect the passion we put in our work.

What really matters is that we represent a part of the production chain of a shoe, the phase that allows the value of Made in Italy to take shape.


Identity, Artisan Quality, Experience.

A combination of values that encourages an excellent service.


We give our production an identity, which is conveyed through the quality of our work and given by a workforce’s experience that reflects our principles, enhancing more and more our service.


Handcraft and artisan quality, we’re not talking about the same thing, but we mean the same result on a larger scale. For Tranceria Dimonte’s it’s more than taking materials and starting to produce. Artisan quality means taking care of the work process, analysing each leather sheet in all details, optimizing the cutting process by maximizing the utilization of the materials in order to reduce waste, touching the product after the cut to verify its quality and finally wrapping and packaging the final product. 


The production process is managed by an expert, an artisan with years of experience behind him who takes care of the product quality and embraces our ethics and working morals. Specialized manpower which not only produces but also keeps in mind the customer’s interests and meets buyer’s needs. 

Work with us.